Paint Recycling

Newfoundland, Old Found Paint

Submitted by Product Care Recycling

A corny pun makes for a happy planet. Last year in Newfoundland and Labrador, 77% of households purchased interior and exterior paint – that’s a lot of people painting. To top (coat) it off, 84% of those who purchased paint had some leftover.

To the 84% with leftover paint – did you know it’s recyclable?

At Product Care Recycling, we can help you do your part for the planet by providing FREE paint recycling services, with over 45 locations across the province. Simply find your nearest paint recycling location from our website and drop it off for free.

Even better, did you know some leftover paint may be eligible for reuse though Product Care’s PaintShare program? Others in your community can then pick up paint you’ve donated for free for their own projects. They can save money, you can reduce your waste, and we can all feel a little better about ourselves and our environment. Sounds like a win win win!

If you’re still having trouble deciding if your leftover paint makes a difference, picture this: if we gathered the 143,896 litres of recycled paint collected by Product Care in Newfoundland and Labrador this past year, that would be enough to paint 5,410 houses. That’s a lot of leftover paint diverted from landfills and waterways!

While you might think your individual contribution may seem small, every litre of paint counts towards the many thousands of litres collected each year. Recycling paint is easy, free and helps make our community (and our planet) a better place.

To find a paint recycling location near you or to learn more about paint recycling, our PaintShare initiative, and other services Product Care Recycling offers visit

Paint can with list of drop off locations for paint recycling.

Learn more details on what else besides paint is accepted in the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at Robin Hood Bay, check the Robin Hood Bay website.