Properly Place Waste

The City of St. John’s reminds residents that the correct placement of curbside waste helps keep our city accessible for everyone. Place waste for curbside collection at the curb on collection day only between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Why is it Important to put Your Waste at the Curb?

It is important to put any garbage carts, garbage bags and recycling bags for curbside collection at the curb and not on the sidewalk or in bike lanes. Bags and/or carts placed on the sidewalk or in a bike lane impede pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as sidewalk snow clearing equipment, which affects accessibility in our community.

Correct cart placement helps with snow clearing and benefits pedestrians

Place waste bags, carts or bins at the curb according to the type of street:

  • On-street parking: place waste on the road with the bags or wheels of the cart touching the curb (see photo above)
  • No on-street parking (includes bike lanes as there is no parking in bike lanes): place waste on your property where it meets the sidewalk or roadway
  • Gravel shoulder: place waste on the shoulder where it meets your property

Correct placement of waste carts, bags or bins helps with snow clearing.

Why should residents place waste on the morning of the collection day?

The City requires residents to place waste at the curb for curbside collection on their collection day between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., not the evening before. Increased wind overnight can result in carts being tipped over or lids banging. During winter, carts or waste placed the night before can impede City crews during road widening activities.

How can residents know when it is waste collection day?

Subscribe to waste collection reminders and alerts; if waste collection is postponed or cancelled notification is sent before collection was set to begin. Sign up at, through the free app St. John’s Waste and Recycling or by calling Access St. John’s at 311 or 754-CITY (2489).