Here you’ll find all the rules for curbside garbage collection, as well as what to do if you’ve missed your garbage day, and information about our Residential Drop-Off Facility.

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Clear Garbage Bags

Beginning January 1, 2022 clear bags must be used for garbage at the curb

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Waste Stickers

When waste is placed at the curb incorrectly and cannot be collected, our collectors leave a sticker on the bag or cart to let the resident know what the issue is so they can correct it before the next collection day.

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Residential Drop-Off

Learn more about what types of garbage can be disposed of at the Robin Hood Bay facility, as well as the types of recycling we offer.

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Curbside Waste Collection

Learn more about how to sort and bag your garbage for curbside collection, as well as some general rules and tips.

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Automated Garbage Collection

Learn more about when this service will be available in St. John's, as well as some rules and guidelines surrounding their use.

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Missing, Damaged, or Found Garbage Carts

What to do if your cart is missing/ damaged, or if you have found a cart.

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Oversized Items

Bulk garbage can be brought to the Robin Hood Bay Waste Management Facility at 340 East White Hills Road.

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