Backyard Composting

Due to COVID 19 , the City of St. John’s, in partnership with MUN Botanical Gardens and the MMSB, are offering free online backyard composting information sessions to residents of St. John’s.  Click Here to do the sessions at whatever time is convenient for you.

Compost bins can be purchased by St. John’s Residents only.  If you are a resident of the City of St. John’s and you have completed this course, you can purchase a discounted MMSB compost bin.  Simply forward a copy of the Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to you at the end of the course, along with your contact information (address and phone number) to and the City will contact you with instructions for purchase.  The standard type compost bin is $50 taxes included, and the tumbler style compost bin is $75 taxes included.

Composting reduces the impact of climate change, and returns much needed carbon back to the earth which supports the growing of plants.



What Goes In


Loose Tea, Coffee Grounds, & Coffee Filters

Loose tea and coffee can be added. *Tea bags should only be added if the bag is made of a natural fibre such as cotton or hemp.

Vegetable Peelings

Used paper napkins and paper towels

What Stays Out


This item should not be added as it will attract pests and rodents.

Dairy Products

This item should not be added as it will attract pests and rodents.

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