Commercial Businesses, Condos & Apartments

Commercial businesses, condominiums, apartment buildings and places of worship must reach out to the Waste Diversion Supervisor by emailing or by contacting Access St. John’s. We can assist with educating staff or residents of the building as well as offer suggestions on ways to handle recycling. We will provide an information package to each housing unit with details on what is accepted in blue bags for curbside recycling and also includes a free sample of blue bags.

The same rules and regulations will apply as single-family dwellings:

  • Waste is placed at the curb between 6 and 8 a.m. on the collection day only.
  • Automated garbage areas must use the provided City issued cart for garbage collection and properly place cart on collection day.
  • In non-automated collection areas there are 4 bags or less of garbage
  • There is no limit on the number of properly sorted blue bags of recycling
  • Yard waste must be in paper yard waste bags
  • Each bag must be less than 22.7 kg (50 lbs) and contain only 5 kg (11 lbs) of sod/soil/dirt.


Institutions, Commercial and Industrial (ICI)

City does not have a program for collecting any wastes from ICI EXCEPT from those properties that are on an existing collection route and can work within the framework of our curbside collections, including:

  • One garbage cart assigned for the property
  • Properly sorted blue bags of recycling
  • Yard waste in paper yard waste bags

There is no separate recycling or yard waste programs for these properties. We must collect their garbage to qualify for either recycling or yard waste.


Multi-Family Dwellings (including apartment buildings and condos)

Multi-Family (MF) properties include apartment and condominium buildings with more than five water units. There is a recycling program available for MF properties if they meet criteria:

  • Located along an existing collection route.
  • Agree to follow and distribute information to residents on what is curbside recyclable, how to prepare the recyclables (ie. containers and papers in separate blue bags) and when to place blue bags at the curb and when to bring them in from the curb if any blue bags were not collected.
  • Designate a MF property contact (Name, email/phone number) that the City can follow up with if required.

There is no garbage or yard waste program for MF properties.


Places of Worship

If a place of worship is located along an existing collection route, we can provide up to 5 garbage carts and collect garbage weekly, and recycling bi-weekly, after the property owners/management submit a waste management plan that outlines how they are committed to reducing and diverting waste; contact the Waste Diversion Supervisor by emailing or by contacting Access St. John’s.