Backyard Composting

The City of St. John’s, in partnership with the MMSB and MUN Botanical Garden, are offering free backyard composting information sessions to residents of St. John’s.

Compost bins will be available for purchase at the sessions. If you will be purchasing a bin after the session, cash will be the only method of payment. Receipts will be provided. The standard type compost bin is $50 taxes included and the tumbler style compost bin is $75 taxes included. Residents must attend a session to be eligible to purchase a compost bin from the City of St. John’s.

Please note:  Residents can attend a free backyard composting information session without registering. These sessions are for St. John’s residents only.

Benefits of making and using compost:

  • Adds much needed nutrients to the soil.
  • Allows for more air space in the soil, with a greater amount of microbes which means healthier soil for growing healthier plants.
  • Reduces your use of fertilizers, and saves you money.
  • Assists your soil in retaining water much longer, reducing the need to water as often.
  • Dark soil absorbs more of the sun in the spring warming up the earth quicker and keeps it warmer longer in the fall.
  • Reduces the amount of garbage you are sending to the landfill therefore extending its life.

For more information on Backyard Composting please visit the MMSB website by clicking here or the MUN Botanical Garden website by clicking here.





2020 Backyard Composting Sessions Are Postponed Until Further Notice Due to Covid-19



























What Goes In


Loose Tea, Coffee Grounds, & Coffee Filters

Loose tea and coffee can be added. *Tea bags should only be added if the bag is made of a natural fibre such as cotton or hemp.

Vegetable Peelings

Used paper napkins and paper towels

What Stays Out


This item should not be added as it will attract pests and rodents.

Dairy Products

This item should not be added as it will attract pests and rodents.

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