Jan 30, 2019

Low-waste living: How one St. John’s woman is cutting back and avoiding plastic

Amelia Reddick and her partner throw out just ‘one Sobeys bag’ of garbage a week

Jan 11, 2019

Canadian Parks & Recreation Association

Green Jobs Initiative-Student Success Stories

Jan 8, 2019

Japanese Furoshiki: An eco-friendly alternative to paper gift wrapping

Nov 13, 2018

Guest Blog: Why China Banned Waste Imports

Sep 7, 2018

Saskatoon eyes banning glass bottles, jars from household blue bins

Aug 29, 2018

Why Not Glass?

Broken glass can easily contaminate other recycling material

Aug 28, 2018

Finding Markets for Recycling Material

It's all about keeping it clean

Aug 13, 2018

China to Impose New Tariffs on Scrap Materials

Jun 27, 2018

St. John’s to start enforcing garbage bag limit

May 8, 2018

Garbage bins delivered for St. John’s automated collection pilot project

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