Litter Clean-Up

In 1991 the City of St. John’s established St. John’s Clean & Beautiful as the lead agency to promote a clean and beautiful city. Today the City of St. John’s remains a major sponsor of the organization of the now renamed Clean St. John’s.

Among other things, Clean St. John’s hosts an annual campaign that runs in May and June that encourages citizens to organize litter clean-ups on their streets, in their neighbourhoods, on school grounds and surrounding areas.

We encourage you to participate and to clean up your own area and the City as a whole. Get in touch with Clean St. John’s by calling 570-0350 emailing info@cleanstjohns.ca or the contact form on their webpage. 

Street Cleaning

Street cleaning removes dirt and debris from City streets to provide an aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment for City residents and visitors.

For more detail of street cleaning areas and schedules please visit the City website.