The holiday season brings items into our households that we don’t normally have around. Many of these items can be recycled in blue bags and some cannot.

Holiday items to put in your recycling blue bag

  • Eggnog containers
  • Whipping cream containers
  • Orange juice containers
  • Cranberry sauce and Fussell’s cream tins
  • Syrup bottles (plastic only)
  • Cookie and chocolate tins
  • Liquor bottles (plastic only)
  • Gift boxes, cardboard boxes

Items that cannot be recycled at the curb

  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift bags (These can be reused)
  • Greeting cards
  • Ribbon
  • Styrofoam
  • Glass

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Gift wrap, greeting cards, and tissue paper are not recyclable in our program, however, there are many ways to avoid using these items:

  • Wrap a gift in a dish cloth, towel, reusable bag, reusable container, or a blanket for those larger gifts. This will make the wrap part of the gift.
  • Use brown packing paper to wrap your gifts. The brown packing paper is recyclable in your blue bag and this will give it a retro feel. You can have the kids draw some pictures on them or decorate them with a candy cane, chocolates, etc…
  • Give tickets to a movie, game or a show. These gifts also give the recipient the gift of an experience and a memory.
  • There are numerous other ways to reduce the gift wrap for any special occasion. Your solution to your gift wrap just a quick online search away. To watch a video click here.