Missing, Damaged, or Found Garbage Carts

Missing Garbage Cart

If your cart is missing, there are ways to help you locate the cart. If you wrote your address on the cart, it may be easy to find just by checking your neighbourhood. If your address was not on the cart or, if you could not locate your cart, contact us. We will give you the serial number to the cart assigned to your property so you can check your neighbourhood. Each cart has a unique serial number located on the front of the cart. Our service centre will forward your information to our staff to contact you with all the information you need to help you locate the cart. To report a missing cart click here.

Damaged Garbage Cart

Carts damaged due to collection will be fixed or replaced at no cost. Carts damaged due to any other reason will be fixed or replaced at cost recovery:

Cart Replacement– $65 (taxes included)

Cart Delivery– $25 (taxes included)

Wheel Replacement– $8 per wheel (taxes included)

Lid Replacement– $17 (taxes included)

To report a damaged cart click here.

Found Garbage Cart

If you found a cart please check to see if there is an address on the cart. When reporting a found cart, please include the serial number of the cart. The serial number is on the front of the cart above the bar code and begins with 2SG.To report a found cart click here.